This film is dedicated to all the women that suffer from the sexual abuse. This is an investigation film, as well as a revelation about the world’s largest network of porn industry. For many months, a team of independent journalists has been looking for and collecting material about the main characters of this film. We want to show you the other side of the coin, where violence and greed are covered up by family holidays and decent behavior. Where the broken destinies are grinded, as if in millstones, in the indifference of those who do know about it all. Where lust and violence became the norm, while rich uncles keep receiving their gold coin. Where THEY, the rulers of the world of voluptuous pleasures peacefully lay down in their beds, send their children to private schools, drive around in super expensive cars, while someone must earn their pennies with their bodies in order to feed themselves and their loved ones. Frank stories, mysterious disappearances, facts and documents, judicial investigations and undisguised truth – all of this will be presented to you in the movie “The Soul Crushers.” The inside story about Mindgeek – the porn king makers.

coming soon